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Think PITCH to build a better investor deck






P is for Preparation

While prepping may seem obvious, remember that less is more when creating your pitch copy. Write down your ideas freely and edit to omit needless words, resulting in the most powerful points to make. Strong statements with a few supporting bullet points you can talk to have a bigger impact than wordy paragraphs.


I is for Innovation

Know your market and clearly communicate WHY your new idea is worthy of investment. Why is it innovative, unique, different from, and better than competitors’ offerings? This is where the “For the first time…” and “The world’s first…” lead-ins will ensure your company stands apart.


T is for Truth

Do not use numbers you cannot back up or estimate future outcomes. Use customer references, but don’t make them up or use them without permission. Including third-party statistics without sourcing them is never a good idea nor is plagiarizing your competitors’ messaging.


C & H are for Confident and Happiness

Think Shark Tank. Have you ever seen entrepreneurs on Shark Tank present their new products without a large measure of confidence and happiness about their invention? Whatever your topic, sharing your excitement will project confidence in your company and happiness about how your idea will change the way we live or work. This type of enthusiasm can be infectious, so enjoy yourself, and may your pitch attract the funding you know it deserves.

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