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Pre-packaged Press Release Services for Tech Startups

Hen House Ventures Introduces Innovative, Cost-Effective Pre-packaged Press Release Services for Technology Startups

By: Lisa Sheeran
Corporate Communications
Hen House Ventures

Many startups these days opt not to hire a PR firm to share their news, especially in the early days, simply because the financial commitment is too expensive and retainers lock them into long-term engagements without an understanding of the outcome. Startups are not alone. Established businesses entering new markets experience similar pressure to be heard amongst the noise from competitors who already dominate the market voice.  Hen House Ventures understands the communications dilemma companies experience because we’ve been on the client and agency sides of establishing credibility for new players in emerging and established technology markets.

Rather than over-committing to a long-term PR plan, Hen House Ventures is introducing an innovative, affordable, project-based model for distributing important company news. We create, distribute and pitch your news, one press release at a time, and we distribute your news with no long-term PR engagement requirement. Additionally, these press releases are created and managed by senior staff who are well experienced and networked with the media.

What makes Hen House Ventures different from traditional PR firms? Our press release packages are a convenient way to disseminate and communicate news on a per-release basis. This approach is ideal for companies who need immediate and/or intermediary communications assistance.

Our Basic Press Release Package provides exactly what companies need to quickly establish and differentiate their businesses within emerging tech markets. With decades of experience, Hen House communications pros have launched and grown technology companies. We work closely with clients to develop and implement creative news-based projects and we take care of it all. Clients receive analytics that measure the traction and results of their PR project.

While our fee is affordable and our business model straightforward, our focus is always on producing results for our clients. We provide an analysis of the media and competitive landscape, as well as press release pickup and penetration.

Hen House Ventures also recommends strategic actions that clients can take, using project take-aways to improve the performance of the next press release.  Our guidance lends direction to communicate the announcement at every company connection spanning influencers, journalists, analysts, prospects, partners, customers, and employees.

Pre-Packaged Basic Press Release
Fee: $3,000.00

Hen House Ventures begins by conducting competitive research on your top three competitors — reviewing press release topics, media coverage, and connections. All news releases we create are distributed to media outlets using Newswire.com’s press release distribution service. Next, we write your press release (500 words or less), including two client revisions. We then reach out to the top 20 media influencers within your industry, staff your media interviews, and follow up with reporters and influencers after your meetings. We wrap up each project by providing a status report with recommended next steps on maintaining media attention.

Pre-Packaged Advanced Press Release Service
Fee: $4,500.00

If you want a more competitive news service, Hen House Ventures offers its Advanced Press Release Service to add market analytics and strategic social media outreach in addition to our competitive research, press release creation and distribution services. This robust package is an efficient yet powerful way to introduce your new company or new product within an established market or positioned against a stalwart brand.

Companies who sign up with Hen House Ventures on a project basis pre-pay via credit card for one press release project at a time.

Sound reasonable? We think so and hope you agree! Questions about the service, contact Lisa Sheeran.

Hen House Ventures’ Tech Startup
Press Release Case Study

Learn how Hen House Ventures crafted, launched and marketed three back-to-back press releases covering corporate leadership moves and partnership wins to successfully position a startup in a $1B emerging technology market, and made the world take notice.

Press Release FAQ’s

What is a Press Release?

Press releases are a digitally distributed factual announcement through reputable wire services that mark a date and time related to a corporate action or announcement.

What press release distribution services should I use?

 This depends upon your intention for making the announcement. There are several services that provide select distribution such as geography (local, regional, national), news type (financial, product), or interest (technology, innovation).

Why are press releases important for startups?

Especially for new or fast-paced markets, press releases help establish a company’s presence because press releases state an important claim that customers, influencers, analysts can find them by,

How do press releases benefit companies?

Press releases help companies expand their digital presences around key-terms. It helps drive long-term traffic with backlinks to their site, and press releases are often re-published through news desks, improving referral site traffic.

What should be included in a press release?

The wire service will time stamp your release. Otherwise, everything else is provided by you. That should include
* header statement summarizing the announcement
* sub-header communicating takeaway
* location release statement is made
* company or entities (for joint releases) stating the announcement
* context
* about the company or entities
* legal disclaimers
* press or media contact name, phone number, agency, email