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Pitch Deck Creation FAQs

Commonly asked questions that arise during the data submission process.

Yes, all submissions are confidential. Hen House Ventures’ technology is encrypted and stored in a secure database. Only the person who signs up for the Deck to Deal or Business Viability Analysis is authorized to view this data, and can only access it when logged in.

Not all information will be readily available. You have a few options:

  1. Skip the question and submit the discipline without answering the question
  2. Save your work on the discipline, and provide the answer at a later time. You can “save your work-in-progress” up to thirty days. The Deck to Deal platform will email you a secure link to your partially submitted answers and you can resume your work later.
  3. Ask Hen House Ventures for help. Occasionally we will ask questions in a different way than what you’re expecting. You can ask us for guidance or clarification at any time. contact us at

Not at all. Your answers are going to provide more detail than investors will ever need to know. This insight will help us create and hone the slides by extracting the most attractive point or angle that we can provide based upon your feedback. So, don’t worry about verbatim slide creation.

While in the course questions, you can save your work without submitting. To do this, click on the text “Save and Continue Later” which is at the bottom of the questions. Deck to Deal will ask for your email address that the secure URL will be sent to. This URL expires in 30 days, so complete your work or submit it as incomplete before the time expires.

Once a course discipline is submitted, the Deal Genius process begins. We will compare your answers to other winning decks and then schedule a meeting to review your answers. At this time, you can bring up any changes or adjustments before the slide creation process begins.

The flexibility of Deck to Deal is that you can purchase one slide at a time, according to your time, resources, and financial commitment. You can be educated about one slide at a time, and then Hen House will evaluate and create those slides accordingly.

If you purchase the content creation and deal genius solutions, either as the full deck or as individual slides, Hen House will provide talking points on what to cover with the investors. This is not a verbatim speech, it covers the important points that investors want to hear.

This is included, so you can have a record of what you submitted to the Deal Genius and Deck to Deal program. This data will only be sent to the user email account.

The slide creation timeline is dependent upon your responsiveness. 

First step is for your education and overview of what the slide should accomplish. Then it’s up to you to answer the questions and gather any asked information.

Once these first two steps are completed, you will then participate in a meeting to discuss your answers.

Then Hen House runs analysis on your answers comparing them to other funded pitches.

After those steps are completed, Hen House will then design your slide or deck, and will go through a two-step review process.


We are here to help. Send us your questions.