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Online Open Pitch Competition for Innovative Startups

$7,500 in cash prizes awarded to top startups who are making a difference.

Hen House Ventures is a proud sponsor of BoomStartup’s 2021 Open Pitch Competition. This online program is open to all founders, innovators, and startups who have earned less than $250K in the past year, and who are also making a difference in our health, society, work, and environment.

Competing copanies need to submit a pitch deck and a 90-second demo video. Instructions including best practices, formats, and timelines are available here. There are seven categories that companies can submit their entry, however, they can only choose one category, and then go for it.

  • Health and Wellness

  • Rural

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Productivity

  • Financial

  • Impact

Winners of each category will receive $1,000.00 in cash.

There is an additional $500.00 reward to the most popular pitch, which will be selected by the judges and audience on the final public pitch day, occurring on Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021.

Entry deadline (the video and pitch deck must be completed) is Wednesday, February 17, 2021, Midnight MST.

Hen House’s own Lisa Sheeran will be one of the judges in the final pitch competition.