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Mock Investor Pitches

Open to entrepreneurs, this live event provides helpful feedback before starting your investor outreach.

Introducing Hen House Ventures’ new monthly investor pitch practice event! Are you planning to raise capital soon and need practice presenting your investor pitch? Then come to our Open Mock Investor Pitches event, held virtually on a monthly basis. This will be held on Friday, March 26, 2021 at 11am PT/ 2pm ET. Register now.

This event allows you to pitch to the Hen House team who have built and judged hundreds of investor pitches AND other peers who are pitching for investment funding as well!

It’s free to sign up, but only those who pitch may participate in the session.  One lucky participant will get access to Deck to Deal – the online education platform that identifies your investor key slides and breaks down the elements that must be present.2

Reserve your mock pitch spot, now!

Who should attend?

This live, mock pitch event is designed for CEOs who are seeking funding, who want to practice their investor pitch.

What value do participants get?

Presenters get the experience on pitching through a video conference (the new norm), and get feedback from the Hen House experts who have seen and constructed hundreds of investment pitches. 

Expect an ad-hoc Q&A which is commonly done when investors hear pitches for the first time.

Additionally, the other participants can provide feedback on presentation style and content.

What content is pitched?

This format allocates up to 20 minutes per entrepreneur. 10 minutes for the presenter to narrate a presentation deck, 5 minutes for Investor-like Q&A, and 5 minutes for feedback.

The presenter will have Zoom controls.

The session materials will not be shared outside of the event, so more confidential information (like financials) can be shared. 

When is this held?

The Mock investor pitches will begin at 11am PT/ 2pm ET on Friday, March 26, 2021. 

It will be held on a private Zoom Session.

Register now, spots are limited.

What is the Giveaway?

One lucky participant will receive access to Deck to Deal – education and evaluation on how to pitch investors and build a winning pitch deck. Value is $150.00

Register now, spots are limited.

Hurry, March's Open Mock Investor Pitch event is happening in...