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Meet Lisa Sheeran, Director at Hen House Ventures

Lisa Sheeran
Lisa Sheeran

Happy New Year! I am happy to announce my new role as Director at Hen House Ventures after serving as Communications Director for the past two years. I’ve known and worked with Tara Spalding, Hen House Ventures’ Founder and President, from our early days in tech. At Hen House we work with founders of enterprise and consumer startups that range from seed stage to series C, creating financially viable opportunities that expand and develop their businesses. We help our clients formalize business models and we implement go-to-market strategies — all based on our many years of experience helping companies at every stage of the startup process. 

My career has given me a front seat to seminal moments in technology, and ever since I have enjoyed helping founders crystalize their ideas into products and services that change the way we live and work. Always a communicator, I cut my teeth in business journalism, which led to managing communications in-house for public tech companies. This experience allowed me to launch a communications firm for tech startups in the Bay Area, where I live. I know what it means for founders to bring new ideas to life, attract funding and thrive. And at Hen House, our work is realizing the value our clients bring to the market, then honing their stories, and guiding them to success. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your business goals.