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Find Your Voice Video Interview with Quinn Conyers

Creating business opportunities is a journey; and oftentimes women, minorities, or others who are marginalized are starting entrepreneurism at a disadvantage due to various reasons. There are many business impacting pressures that are uncontrollable, but there are even more aspects that can be controlled, yet oftentimes women don’t see or understand how it affects us and how it stops us from using our voice and create change.
I’ve had the honor to chat with Quinn Conyers, someone who coaches women (from all backgrounds, cultures, beliefs) on how to identify and express their value in uninviting or difficult situations. She is a fantastic role model and support system that exemplifies how to find and use your voice. You can connect with Quinn through LinkedIn or through her website.
We both agree that if you are becoming an entrepreneur, you have courage. But, it takes more than courage to succeed when situations arise that places you in a defensive or outsider position. Quinn shares her secrets on collecting your thoughts, finding your voice to make that statement, breaking through the “stop at gratitude” mentality, and communicating value and outcome that allows others to understand and respect your intentions. Her observation is that women entrepreneurs know what’s needed in business but don’t invest enough in the necessary skillsets to succeed.
As Quinn says, advocate your awesomeness. This video interview is worth the watch.