Total Investor Pitch Support

Hen House Ventures investor pitch assistance goes beyond simplified slides and speaker notes. We dive into your business plan, approach, and current traction to deliver an investor pitch deck and supporting analysis to prepare you for investor reaction. We make your first impression to investors impactful, attractive, and persuasive.





Online pitch deck creation

A revolutionary way to build your
deck, at your own pace

Deck to Deal provides startups the ability to learn and create their own professional investor pitch deck, through an expert-guided online education course including several helpful tools.  

You will learn what investors are looking for in a pitch deck by reviewing examples of slides from successful pitches, understand Business Disciplines, the different aspects of your business that investors evaluate your company upon while learning pitch vernacular, which we’ve dubbed Investorcabulary.

Deck to Deal offers an Investor Pitch Deck Template containing 100 + Microsoft PowerPoint customizable slides available to download. Choose the right slides to highlight your business and investment opportunity, and then customize those slides, and then get ready to present. 

What you get

Total pitch deck creation guidance.

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Saving Entrepreneurs Time and Embarrassment

Hen House Ventures knows that you only get one chance to make a good impression when pitching to investors. Deck to Deal prepares you with education, examples, equations, and slide templates deduced from hundreds of successful investor pitches.

Deck To Deal’s best practices will save time and avoid embarrassing situations.

Deck to Deal Template Slides + Educational Material

These 20 business disciplines are important to at least understand and prepare for, and if your story is compelling enough, it should be a part of your pitch!

This slide introduces you and your company to prospective investors, designed to be compelling and show a bit of your personality, culture, and vision.


Investors support companies and opportunities based upon the executive team. This slide professionally showcases the team and highlights past achievements that will be leveraged for your company’s future success.


Adoption Path (experience) should not be underrated when bringing your innovation to the market. This slide explains the current solution adoption experience, from your customer’s perspective. The Adoption slide explains the value recognition point while explaining the nuances that separate your solution from others.


Often presented at the beginning of an introduction pitch, the Big Idea slide reveals the “A-ha” moment that the solution is solving, in a very tasteful and memorable format.


Something happened that inspired the creation of your solution and the dedication and perseverance to start your company. What was that problem that you want to solve, above all? This is the catalyst for the “Big Idea.”


Investors need to understand how your company will monetize your solution, and if the go-to-market plan supports your revenue model. If done correctly, this slide lowers the perceived investment risk. 


Every product has competition, even if it’s existing habits. By taking the time to analyze the competition, respect what they’ve accomplished, but highlighting the opportunities to advance upon the market is important to investors at any stage of funding.


The distinction between your solution and the competing solutions or competing resolution paths is important to investors because it shows them you can clearly articulate how your solution uniquely provides value to your addressable market.


Investors want to know you are thinking about the way you will repay them for taking a risk to invest in your company. Often, this materializes in an exit strategy, either for the company or for the investors themselves. This slide depicts market data that supports your company’s exit projections.


The Financials slide is important to investors so they get a better understanding of how much has already been invested into your company, and the traction and spend already accomplished, plus what is expected in the near term.


This slide explains previous funding and the current funding round asks and what the funding type is for this round. This slide tells investors what to expect if they choose to participate, and who the other people and entities are that have invested in your company.


Investors know that companies live and die by sales and marketing plans. The Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy slide clearly articulates the approach and execution plan covering marketing and sales, duration, and customer onboarding related programs.


Different than the Adoption (on-boarding process) and Traction (market sector) slides, the Growth slide overlays a company’s innovation traction numbers and explains how your solution success has been tracking over time. This includes quantitative figures such as user adoption numbers, trials, downloads, purchases, and so on.


The Investor(s) slide summarizes your ask – going beyond funding. If you are looking for someone to take a seat on the board, it becomes an important aspect of the ask. Articulating the investor profile that your company needs helps set your expectations to investors on the desired relationship.


Market Sizing, or Total Addressable Market (TAM), is important for investors to know the potential size of this opportunity if your solution became the dominant figure. These numbers support the financials, the growth rate, the traction data and apply it to your Go-to-Market strategy.


The Opportunity slide spells out what sort of return the company can have at the current growth rate, considering revenue and costs. This becomes the basis data that helps support a valuation ratio and it is critical to get the math correct for investors.


Often solutions come in several packages, and each package is designed for a specific market segment in mind. By creating a packaging slide, this shows investors how you have modeled the solution to fit your buyers’ needs.


The Product or Solution slide presents the big picture on how you are solving the big problem, and how you are delivering the big idea by taking an A-ha moment and turning it into something tangible. Investors want to understand the high-level purpose and vision of the solution.


Following the introduction about the Go-to-Market strategy, every investor will care about the approach, team, and process that will sell in your solution and packaging according to each distinct market. This slide tells that story and uses existing success metrics as proof points.


Especially in early-stage investments, much risk is around market adoption. To show investors that you have a keen understanding of this, dedicating a slide to traction is imperative. Showing market surveys, letters of intent, customer quotes help reduce concerns.


Building the pitch deck with Hen House showed us how to present our business investment opportunity in the best manner, possible!

– CEO preparing for a seed round

Business viability analysis

When your company needs more than a persuasive pitch deck.

Raising money goes beyond holding a successful pitch. Often, funding doesn’t close because of problems aligning investor’s needs and the startup’s plans. Hen House Ventures incubation program has been helping startups since 2012. Our experience with business plan evaluation and sustainability is quite extensive, and we can quickly identify areas of your company’s business plans that may concern investors.

Hen House Ventures can run analytics against your business plan and compare it to other pitches of similar stature (raise, return, valuation) and in similar spaces — delivering an in-depth report on your business plan’s strengths and weaknesses.

This added service helps CEOs prepare for the startup comparison that all investors put entrepreneurs through.

What you get

Corporate funding readiness

A company needs to ensure that it is appropriately set up to receive funding from an interested investor. Our signature Corporate Funding Readiness Analysis (“CFRA”), performed by a seasoned corporate & securities attorney, will inform your company as to whether you have set yourself up for success, which means that fewer red flags will be raised, and your investors will be more comfortable during the due diligence phase of the potential investment, which will in turn increase the chances of a successful funding.

What you get

Startup services

Incubate into something great.

Pitch deck preparation is the first step in building a scalable business. After funding is achieved, it’s about getting the right talent and plans in place, and execute as quickly as possible. Hen House Ventures can help you formalize and launch your go-to-market strategy efficiently and effectively. Hen House Ventures provides pre-packaged startup-oriented services to help your company grow.

What you get

Hire experts to execute proven programs who know your space and more importantly, your prospective customers to deliver results. Each program has a set price, start and end dates, and is monitored so that the results can be rolled into your business plans.

Companies we’ve helped

We’ve built a marketing foundation we previously did not have, and are building upon it everyday. Together we are taking challenges down one after another, with a clear sense of priority and focus.

– CRO, FinTech startup