To Structure Your Company Correctly.

Hen House Ventures offers a comprehensive development track on how to swiftly set up a company, in a cost-efficient manner. These modules guide entrepreneurs who already have a successful project and transform them into being a founder. Every module teaches early business formation principles by providing educational material, tools, templates, checklists,  and the option to upgrade to receive consulting support from entrepreneur experts.

Pre-Startup Ideation

Before formalizing a company, validate your project to see if you can transform it into a profitable business. Becoming a Founder places you into the scrutiny mindset where your problem identification has to be big, very painful, and potentially very profitable. It is much different than the creation mindset that entrepreneurs naturally have. 

These self-paced modules capture your vision, mission, problem, and solution and evolve it into a 12-month business plan. You must have an account to access the material.

Lean Business Model Framework

Visual business model canvas and validation steps
$ 249
  • 20 page business model tutorial
  • Interactive framework builder
  • Lean canvas template
  • Business model summary
  • Expert consultation

Lean Business Model + Hypothesis Validation

Designed for early-stage entrepreneurs who want to clearly communicate their business model and improve acceptance within the targeted market.


Business Viability Assessment

For pre-revenue startups
$ 1,000
  • In-depth founder interviews
  • Online performance questions
  • Viability report
  • Business growth recommendations
  • Expert consultation

Pre-Revenue Business Viability Assessment

Hen House Ventures’ Business Viability Assessment analyzes the business model, 12-month plan, and various business aspects that influence reach and profitability for pre-revenue companies. It is a structured analysis that creates agreement and alignment upon crucial directives amongst founders and key executives.

The viability assessment explores the target market, penetration plan, and product/ market fit prior to launching products. The analysis will help founders avoid unnecessary investment in innovation creation or targeting and go-to-market mistakes. It may also identify unforeseen revenue. 

Value to the Business

The Assessment helps pre-revenue companies plan for growth, and set indicators to measure if their business strategy, model, and approach are in fact operating and producing as expected. It is a tool for founders and executives to not only measure the entity’s viability but illuminate the business performance aspects that should remain top-of-mind. This report often becomes a communication framework that is revisited on an annual basis, prioritizing activities to align with the market need.