This helpful combination of Hen House Ventures’ investor pitch deck self-paced education and accompanying 100+ slide template helps entrepreneurs quickly and effectively prepare for their first investor pitch.

The Deck to Deal Pitch Deck education and slide template saves entrepreneurs time as it distills the best-practices and proven slide decks into an easy, online experience.

Deck to Deal Education

This provides a crash course to those who want to understand what investors are seeking in pitches. It provides tricks and traps that every entrepreneur should know.

The Deck to Deal Online Education provides a business discipline overview, why investors care to understand this aspect of the business, and then it provides design and presenting tips, plus sample slides. Each business discipline takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, but is loaded with examples from funded pitches and investorcabulary which prepares startups for unusual terms and conversations.

In addition to the education, the Deck to Deal Slide Template provides entrepreneurs who are preparing to pitch investors nineteen types of investor slides that are commonly presented, with up to six varieties for each slide type. This package delivers a 100-slide Microsoft PowerPoint template that is ready to customize with your company’s investment opportunity. The slide designs are abstracted layouts that were collected from winning investor pitch decks by the Hen House Ventures team.

The Deck to Deal Slide Template provides entrepreneurs

  1. helpful direction on how to pitch investors, and how to choose the right slides to show
  2. how-to present the deck to investors
  3. definitions and equations of investorcabulary – must-know terms that measure your business’ investment viability
  4. tips and tricks for storytelling and keeping the investor’s attention

Details about Just the Pitch Deck Slides bundle

  • Native, Microsoft PPTX format ready for editing and customization
  • Compatible with POTX templates for clean imports
  • Suggestions, tips, and examples for copy and graphics included
  • Embedded charts and graphs
  • Conceptual data and relationship visualizations