Just the Pitch Deck Education

Are you curious about the investor pitch experience, and would like to learn more about it, at your own pace, privacy, and discretion? Hen House Ventures has created Deck to Deal online education precisely for you.

Deck to Deal provides entrepreneurs who are preparing to pitch investors a strong education about how the initial pitch process goes. There is a standard approach for presenting a company’s investment opportunity to prospective investors, and we have created a four-step educational approach so you can internalize the information before your first pitch.

Deck to Deal Education covers:

  1. Introduction into the business topical area that gets translated onto a single slide. There are nineteen business aspects included – such as: about you, about company, about team, adoption, big idea, big problem, business model, competition, product differentiation, exit strategy, financials, funding ask, Go-to-Market strategy, growth, investors, market sizing, opportunity potential, packaging, product, sales approach, traction. Not all slides are used during pitches as oftentimes only 12 – 15 slides are presented however by understanding these paradigms about your business and what that equates to in an investment situation, can make a big difference with investor attention.
  2. Actual funded deck examples for each of the business disciplines noted above plus a narrative on why those slides were compelling
  3. The Do’s and Don’ts when talking to investors about each aspect of your business. Hen House provides warnings for you to watch out for because with every business discipline covered, there are traps set that allow investors to walk away from your deal.

The Deck to Deal is a self-service online learning tool, where you can go through it at your own pace. The purchase to this platform allows you to review this material for up to six months. It does not give you the right to reprint or share this material.