Entire Deck – Design, Content Creation, Deal Genius Analysis

This package is designed for companies who need expert help on everything.

This is for companies who want to improve the overall deck appearance, by getting a new slide template, in addition to improving the overall deck messaging (copy) and imagery (graphics, icons, images). Hen House Ventures will create your deck design, create the content, analyze it with Deal Genius, and provide you with the PowerPoint and PowerPoint template for future use and modifications.


  1. Online Slide-by-Slide Education and Questions
    1. Education begins with an overview, what is the slide value to investors, layout design and tips, sample slides.
    2. Questions are then asked about your company’s innovation and funding intentions. Answer them at will, save your work-in-progress for up to 30-days.
  2. Slide-by-Slide Conversation
    1. After completing a slide course, you will be asked to complete a survey to capture any additional questions.
    2. Hen House will connect with you through a video conference call to discuss your answers.
  3. Deal Genius
    1. Hen House analyzes your answers and compares them to other industry pitches, and identifies the most compelling parts of your investor pitch.
  4. Content Creation
    1. Hen House will use your existing powerpoint template and create a 20-slide pitch deck including speaker notes.


  • Pitch analysis through Deal Genius, extracting the most compelling narrative for your business plan to attract the right investors.
  • 20 investor pitch slides, saved as a PPTX deck.
  • This includes stock photos updating existing graphics such as icons, graphics, images, fonts, and powerpoint objects.

This does not include branding activities such as logo or product moniker creation.

Additional slides can be purchased separately.

Purchase Requirements:

  1. You will be asked to upload your existing deck or most recent sales pitch.
  2. You will be asked to upload your style guide, including colors, fonts, logos, product images, etc.


  • You will work with the Hen House team to design your final slide deck.
    • The first design call will capture the direction and look and feel that the presentation should convey, in addition to a slide-by-slide walkthrough.
    • Hen House Ventures will present a proposed slide design to verify the design direction is what you expected. We will collect feedback through a meeting and then verify changes in writing.
    • Hen House Ventures will then adjust the proposed deck according to your feedback. This will be given to you as the second revision. You have 5 business days to review the design and provide written feedback on changes, otherwise, this will be considered the final deliverable.
    • If changes are requested, Hen House will make those changes and provide you with the final PPTX document.