Business Viability Assessment Program – Pre-Revenue

Hen House Ventures’ Business Viability Assessment Program analyzes the business model, 12-month plan, and various business aspects that influence reach and profitability for pre-revenue companies. It is a structured analysis that creates agreement and alignment upon crucial directives amongst founders and key executives.

The viability assessment explores the company’s perceived target market and planned penetration plan, validating the product/ market fit. The analysis helps founders avoid unnecessary investment in innovation creation or targeting and costly go-to-market mistakes. It may also identify unforeseen revenue. This program assesses important business performance aspects:

  1. The target market size, need, fix, and value.
  2. Target market identification, their impediments’ importance, frequency, urgency, and willingness to fix
  3. Target market ecosystem, including influencers, internal and external pressures
  4. Target market’s willingness to change, and behavior change indicators
  5. Immediate approachable market, profile, size and go-to-market plan
  6. Market penetration planned acceptable thresholds
  7. Business model maturity and provability
  8. Expected customer acquisition plan, resources and support for proper onboarding

All of which will help assess the company’s viability in meeting the market’s needs and identify the path to adoption within a business plan.

Procedure and Deliverables

Hen House Ventures will meet with the executives for up to 3 hours, and ask specific questions about the preparation and rationale behind the above aspects. Given the responses, Hen House may ask to review supporting material and resources which can improve the business viability score.

When complete, Hen House will present their findings in a written report and also provide an executive briefing.

Value to the Business

The Assessment program helps pre-revenue companies plan for growth, and set indicators to measure if their business strategy, model, and approach are in fact operating and producing as expected. It is a tool for founders and executives to not only measure the entity’s viability but illuminate the business performance aspects that should remain top-of-mind. This report often becomes a communication framework that is revisited on an annual basis, prioritizing activities to align with the market need.


Hen House charges $1,000.00 for the assessment program, report, and executive briefing. You can pay once, or you can pay over 4 weeks (covering additional service charge fees)